Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


The Center, due to its multidisciplinary, has great opportunities for success is the aerospace sector. 

This is carried out in collaboration with leading companies in the sector. The Center regularly collaborates with the company Alter Technology TUV Nord, getting involved in ESA R&D projects. These projects, to date, have been developed in two lines: consultative projects and experimental projects

-  The former consists of making a review of technology, generally related to photonics, and studying its possible applications for space. The second consists of carrying out projects for the development of technologies for space.

-  The latter consists of carrying out projects for the development of technologies for space. It is worth highlighting projects carried out on phase devices based on liquid crystals and the current project “Smart Heaters” that develops a microprocessor-based satellite temperature control, compatible with the future ATHENA mission. 

On the one hand, the Center has participated in projects for the space sector in collaboration with companies like INSA (Ingeniería y Servicios Aeroespaciales, SA) or has been contracted to manufacture instrument parts, such as a liquid crystal phase modulator for INTA, the Astrophysical Institute of Andalusia and the Max Planck Institute, where it is in flight on the Solar Orbiter mission, on the so-phy instrument (launched in 2020). 

On the another hand, the Center has applied to a European Project for the manufacture of an addressable microwave antenna without moving elements for low-orbit satellites, based on a tunable reflect array made with liquid crystals.