Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
CEMDATIC Researchers Participated in the Activity “Programa 4º de ESO+Empresa” to Motivate High School Students and Prepare Them for Their Academic and Professional Future Decisions

Madrid, Spain - ETSIT (School of Telecommunications Engineering) researchers from the CEMDATIC have participated in the "Programa 4º de ESO+Empresa" organized by the Madrid Regional Government. This activity aims to motivate high school students, inform them about the labor market and prepare them to make future academic and professional decisions.

This activity consisted of a meeting between a group of 38 high school students and researchers from different fields related to electronic technologies and photonics. The professionals shared their experiences and knowledge with the students, providing them with a firsthand insight into the academic sector.

During the event, the students had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss topics such as academic and professional paths, future job prospects and challenges, and the latest technological developments in the field. Futhermore, during the activity the students participated in some experiments related to the researchers expertise such as make a photoitographic process in the CEMDATIC clean room facilities or characterising different samples with an Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).

The activity "Programa 4º de ESO+Empresa" was designed to motivate high school students and provide them with the necessary tools and information to make informed academic and professional decisions. By bringing together professionals and students, the activity aimed to bridge the gap between the academic world and the labor market, while also encouraging students to consider a career in electronic technologies and communications.

CEMDATIC researchers expressed their satisfaction with the activity organized by the Madrid Regional Government and the positive feedback received from the students. They hope to continue organizing similar events in the future, as part of their commitment to promoting the development of the electronic technologies and communications sector in Spain.