Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
An introductory course in micro and nano fabrication for young researcher

Microfabrication and Nanofabrication are key technologies nowadays in the world. During the last 20 years the most advanced industry center are in the Asian southeast. There is a huge impulse of the EU to attract the industry to our countries. Spain is pushing hard with a strategic plan to try to convince the role player to our country.

CEMDATIC R&D Center have UPM's researcher working and developing technology in this area since the end of the last century. To transfer the knowledge to young researcher. CEMDATIC is creating the first course for PhD candidates that need to use these techniques during their PhD.

The course consists in 30h of training with 1h of theory + 5h of practice during a week. The main techniques that are:
  ·Surface conditioning (Cleaning process / Dicing process)
  ·Lithography (mask lithography and maskless lithography)
  ·Etching (wet/dry etching)
  ·Thin layer deposition (Spin coating / PVD / CVD / Sputtering)

The development of an OLED array will allow the student to put in practice the above techniques.

The course will be limited by 5 researcher per course and the places will be fill by registration date. The first course slot is March 27-31.

The registration to the course will be made by direct email to Manuel Caño García with the [Nanofab] in the subject of the mail before 15 March.