Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
The industrial PhD candidate get another publication

The join between Alter Technologies TÜV NORD and CEMDATIC is getting positive response in the scientific community. It is the fourth publication of Mónica Rodriguez Cortina since she starts in Alter as an industrial PhD Candidate.

Emulation Technique of Multiple Overlapped Return Echoes of a Spatial LIDAR With 100-dB Dynamic Resolution

A new compact and cost-effective instrument for dynamic characterization of ultrawide dynamic range photodetectors is presented. The instrument is an optical pulse shaper (OPS) which has been developed as a LIDAR echo emulator (LEE). It uses a single laser diode at 1064 nm, its corresponding driver, and arbitrary waveform generator (AWG), to generate two overlapping LIDAR echoes (short and long). A 60-dB difference between the maxima of the echoes is achieved with a full dynamic range of 100 dB. The LEE is designed to make possible the characterization of the detection chain of a spatial LIDAR which uses a high-dynamic range HgCdTe avalanche photodetector (APD) but can be reprogrammed to emulate any high-dynamic range terrestrial or space LIDAR application.

The full article can be read https://doi.org/10.1109/TIM.2021.3092778